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July 20, 2009


Louise at Livin Local

They should plan their vacation around yours next time, out of simple respect!

Chris Lemon

I am appalled that you were in town and didn't tell me.

The Salumi experience can be frustrating. I had a friend visiting from out of town, we happened to be in that neck of the woods, I told her we were, and she pleaded for us to stop by. So we did (this was around 3), and got some salumi and it was all good. (You don't need a cooler, by the way; when they say it's cured, they mean it. No refrigeration is necessary. And yes, the mole kicks all kinds of ass.)

Couple weeks later, I decide it might be nice to get some more mole and bring it to my game night, so orgasmically impressed I was with the previous bit. I get there around 12:30, there's a line around the corner, AND there's a sign outside saying "we only have enough meat to make sammiches, we're not selling any meats a la carte today." Well, I was there for mole, so I salvaged the trip with lunch an Uwajimaya.

But I was annoyed. I guess when you're Mario's dad, you can get away with crap like that.

(You can also get their stuff through the mail at http://salumicuredmeats.com. The drawback is that I think you have to buy entire sausages. (Though I didn't know you could place orders online for pickup if you're local. Good to know, and I bet I could get smaller quantities that way. The 1/3 of a pound of mole I got lasted a while.) The key, though, is that you want to slice it *paper* thin, so if you don't have access to a slicer, you're kinda missing out.)

tiffany @ the garden apartment

That does stink! I have actually ordered their stuff online (as I see someone else advises you to), so you could always do that if you really want to try it out. I recommend the one that has fennel and citrus in it.


Mrs.L, that is so frustrating! At least our local options in the Bay Area for salumi seem to be increasing every day! I joined the Boccalone Salumi Society recently and think that Fra Mani also is a great product...

Mrs. L

Louise - I know, how dare they!? :)

Chris - Alas, lots of folks in the Seattle area were upset that we didn't stop by. I promise next time I'm in the area I will have a day where I can meet all my foodie friends!

Tiffany - I do plan on ordering online but I just wish I could have had the experience of actually getting something there.

Foodhoe - Thanks, I'll have to check those out!


Oh what a bummer! I actually live in Seattle and have yet to get to Salumi. They have such crazy hours. However, their meats are on a lot of menus around the city, so I have tried them and they are quite delicious. Hopefully you can try some next time you are here.

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