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July 13, 2009


Louise at Livin Local

Wow ... what a wonderful trip! A bridge for squirrels? How cute. Glad you got to esteemed Powells and the awe inspiring Oregon coast. Hopefully you can take a few days to chill and just wind down now (between loads of the inevitable laundry).

NotSoccer Mom

so jealous--i'd love to go to powells. just have to win the lottery first. or marry a millionaire. cuz i'd want to buy everything! or better yet, live in it! heheh.

miss you. glad you're back safe and sound.

lovely photo of the coast!


There is nothing more beautiful than the Pacific Coast. I have been from Washington, Oregon and all of California coast. It is so beautiful. I wish I could afford to live on the coast. Have always wanted to. Glad you are back.

Chef Barbie

when are we going to do a diners, drive-ins and dives road trip????

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