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June 14, 2009



Ooooooo, must be tragic! Food, sun, Shoreline, your hubby ... this should have been a recipe for a blissful day.

Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen

Sounds like a great day and an awesome event!


Enjoying this post before the negatives creep in, LOL... looking forward to catching up on all your dishes! I also just recently tried Peruvian food. Have you ever tasted any??

noble pig

Well of course now I can't wait to hear what really went on...

Mrs. L

Louise/Jenn - you need to read the next post...The Negatives.

Arch - Never tried Peruvian food. Wished I could have made it to the restaurant in SF to see you guys.

Noble Pig - Just read. And my negative review is quite tame compared to most.

Carolyn Jung

Nate is great! I'm glad you went to get his cookbook autographed. You will LOVE the book. Make sure to make the pizza and meatball recipes. ;)

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