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June 16, 2009


noble pig

That does sound like a horror show. Wow, they were seriously unprepared. I'm thining heads are going to roll.


You have just confirmed my suspicions about food festivals. No way am I waiting in obscenely long lines. I'll save my money and have what I can shipped directly to my home. And that includes TX brisket. :)

Mrs. L

Noble Pig - I feel bad for all involved as everyone involved so wanted this to work.

Alicia - You weren't kidding about using the money to have food delivered to you. We went home and figured we could have had several of the places ship us food (and we are looking at Katz deli to send us pastrami) for less than we paid for everything. But if the event had worked, it would have been awesome and worth the money.


I was saddened to read how badly this turned out for SE/Ed, you, and your husband. Hopefully they will use a better event organizer next time. I truly hope they aren't twice-shy, but I won't blame them if they are...and I hope that over time or when your tootsies heal, your husband will go with you to another food festival!

Reading other's posts didn't have much of an impact since I didn't know what was real, exaggerated, or jumping on the bandwagon-ism. It did make for an interesting lunchtime read at work, however.

Carolyn Jung

Oh my gawd, I'm tired just reading about all the lines you had to endure and all the waiting around you did. What an ordeal! I actually probably would have gone to this, had it not been for the fact that I had to drive to Sacramento for my father-in-law's birthday dinner. Looks like I got the better deal, since we gorged on Chinese banquet food that required no waiting in line. Mrs. L and Mr. L, you two deserve a gold star for making the best of the situation.


I almost went and am so glad my plans changed! What a nightmare and you two are so brave for sticking it out. I would have left right away...

Chef Barbie

whoa! bobby flay looks like he is seriously hung over.


Of all the gazillion rants about this event (or lack of event, I guess) yours is the most kindly worded. I've never heard of a public event failing in such epic proportions. Sad, sad, all around.

The Duo Dishes

Oh goodness. These huge events can either go one way or the complete opposite. Sorry it was a hot mess for you both.

Blond Duck

Was this in Austin? It sounds like a disaster!

The Single Guy

If I lived closer to Great America, I probably would have gone to this event too and boy would I be steaming standing in all those lines! It really sounded like a mess, but I see in your other post that you got to meet Nate Appleman so that's a silver lining! I don't know why they didn't do food coupons like Slow Food Festival where your ticket gives you like 20 bucks and all the counters had to do was punch out your card until you ran out of $20. Yeah, there were lines at Slow Food but not like what it sounded like at this festival. (Also sounds like they didn't understand the concept of capping the attendance. There are such things as SELL OUT.)

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