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June 29, 2009



You did a good job Mrs. L. It was so nice to eat this being cooked by someone else. I really enjoyed it. You fix it for me anytime. Even if Mr. L does not like garbanzos. When I came to the states and they served garbanzos in salad I would not eat it. Never had it that way. Of course now I eat it that way too.


Wow! I love Garbanzos ! and This Dish sound so Tasty~

Thanks for sharig your recipe!

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Have a great Day~


This looks fabulous--I love this kind of food. And I love your story/background info--it is perfect and exactly what HoneyB and I had in mind. Thanks for submitting!

PS I would add salt to the onions while they are cooking--it will help sweat the water out of them and get some layers of salt into the dish. And I love the thought of the raisins, personally! :)

Carolyn Jung

Definitely a comforting and hearty dish. Makes me want to curl up on the couch with a big bowl of it.


great family recipe, mrs l! while i wait for the heat to hit ny, i think i'd love to come home to a nice big bowl of this beany delight. :)

Fearless Kitchen

This looks wonderful. Chickpea stews are a wonderful comfort food!

Mr. L

I dislike Garbanzos normally, but the way Mrs. L whips them up in this dish, they are yummy!


When it starts with bacon grease you know it's going to be good.

The Duo Dishes

Garbanzo fans here, and this sounds like a nice one. Love how no matter how warm it is, many of us are still eating cold weather foods. :)

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