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May 20, 2009



Nice blog !! Keep it up.


noble pig

I love the way we can rationalize food like that. Hilarious!


I haven't had popcorn in over two years. I'm probably better off for it, but I did miss it when it was forbidden.


I've had alligator...I agree with your husbands description of it.
I agree about the popcorn, split it and have it as your dinner...totally worth it.

Jenn AKA The Leftover Queen

Love the popcorn rationalization! Very nice! :)

Mr. L

The gator was wayyy yummy, even on a 100 degree day! Mr. L


Doesn't everything always taste like chicken?!

I wonder why we don't say, "Hmmm. Tastes like gator, but not as chewy." Ha.


Oh My I guess I am not that adventurous about eating something like this alligator. If its really taste like chicken, then i'll just eat chicken then.


Your rationalization for eating an entire bag of popcorn is the same as my rationalization for: 1) Eating cake for dinner on Saturdays and 2) Drinking wine for dinner on a lot of days (with some pretzels). It's a very good rationalization, and it works very, very well.

Carolyn Jung

You know my trick for controlling my popcorn appetite? My hubby buys a medium or large, and I nosh on it until the lights dim for the flick to start. Then I tell myself no more after the movie starts rolling. ;)


I've had fried alligator. I just closed my eyes and took a bite. Delicious!

Mrs. L

Noble Pig/Jenn - Rationalization or just plain smart :)

Makfan - Well, it's only a few more weeks before you can eat popcorn again, right?

Peabody - I think I've had crocodile too, which also tasted like chicken

Abby - good point...wonder what chickens say about everything else too

Elra - I'm always wondering what foods I've eaten that were said to be "beef" or "chicken" and were actually something else? I think when I was a kid venison was beef to me.

Emiglia - I think I need to rationalize that cake on Saturday thing...

Carolyn - I tried that. Didn't work. That popcorn bag kept finding it's way it my lap begging to be empty by the middle of the movie so it could watch in peace.

Zoe - See! It really wasn't bad at all.

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