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May 18, 2009



Thanks for participating in our event! I have made the rum cake before and love it. I've also made it with Irish Cream liquor. I like how simple your cake looks and the picture is perfect!


Got this recipe that uses marsala wine and olive oil and it just wouldn't work for me. I think I'll try out your recipe instead.

Carolyn Jung

This reminds me of my aunt's Harvey Wallbanger cake that she used to bring to holiday dinners. It was a moist bundt cake just like this, with orange juice and some sort of liquor in it. And dang, was it good!


I don't remember eating this cake although I know I must have. Your Grandma is a good cook and always had special recipes.


quick and easy, but I can just imagine the depths of flavor in there!


Haha! I'll take that hug, fellow stress-bucket! Hope things are doing ok since the kitty passed away... I know what that's like.

I've been wanting to try all these "semi-homemade" cakes that have been making their way around the blogiverse, but we don't have cake mix here! Guess I'll be baking up a storm when I hit the States this summer...

Blond Duck

Grandma's cakes are always the best, whether you have cake mix or not!

Mrs. L

Honey B - Oh I bet this would taste fantastic with Bailey's Irish Cream (which I have two bottles of just needing to be used!)

Jude - Let me know how the cake works for you. I have several recipes for olive oil cake which I hope to try too.

Carolyn - I remember Harvey Wallbanger cakes, oh man that was ages ago. I think my mom made one once.

Mom - I think I'll be making this often and trying different alcohol so you'll be sure to get some.

Sophia - It was surprising nice considering it was a cake mix and just a few ingredients.

Emiglia - We will get you some cake mixes! Just so you can try this cake!

Blond Duck - Thanks. I always feel guilty when I use a cake mix, but it's GRAMS cake so there was no other choice :)


A cake with wine as an ingredient??? Sounds like my kinda cake!!!

Mrs. L

Jeanette - You need to try it, and let me know if you use different liquors!

Goldilocks Bakery

Wow! i am so hungry good you shared this yummy.


Bizu Philippines

I got it too thank you so much for that ingredients will certainly doing this on my own love it. :)


Jordan 1

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