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April 15, 2009



Any other version you want to try don't forget me. I was thinking this would be good with meringue on top. Also, probably should have covered the whole with the whipped cream. I think the lady I know who made this did that. I told you it would be good. The slice I took I am eating slowly so it will last. Thank you, thank you for a glorious Easter meal.


Wow... what did this taste like? I can't even imagine it... The color looks gorgeous!

NotSoccer Mom

i bet the color looked great on easter!

Louise at Livin Local

Hmmm, so this is a sweet and not a savory pie? I need to book mark this for St. Patricks day next year!


This sounds interesting, in a good way :-) I love avocados but have never heard of avocado pie. I wonder if I could get my husband to try it...


What a delightful pie, looks absolutely scrumptious.

noble pig

I've heard of this and I love the idea! Love it!

The Duo Dishes

This is the second time we've seen a sweet avo pie. It sounds really interesting. You could've fooled us into thinking it was key lime!

Carolyn Jung

I bet it is one fabulous pie. You know, Filipinos have been eating avocado ice cream for generations. I think we're so used to eating it in savory preparations that we forget it actually is a fruit.


Wheeee thanks so much I'll be making this soon!


now that i think about it, avocados would be the perfect pie ingredient--creamy and smooth, subtly-flavored and beautifully-hued. this is simply awesome.


It looks like key lime pie! Very intriguing.


This sounds so good! I love avocado, I've never had it as dessert but I can see how it would work well.


I like avocado ice cream, so I bet this is good too!


I was just curious if there was such a recipe. Very nice.

I was eating an avacado and thinking it reminded me a bit of pumpkin... might make a good pie!

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