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April 09, 2009



Oh Mrs L, you do crack me up!


What, no Pon Far Puffs ?? Corbomite Crisp? Chekhov Chex? Beam-Me-Up Bran?? Seriously, beam me OUT, or I'll do this all day.

I hear Kellogg's is also doing some kind of Pop Tart promotion, but in the meantime I guess Trix are for Triskelions!



a fellow trekkie, awesome! i was always a fan of wesley too, so i'm partial to the name crispy wheaton raisins. :)

Blond Duck

My mom would love this! She's such a Trekkie! We even had her 50th b-day at the Star Trek hotel in Vegas!

Mrs. L

Louise - Ah, my point exactly :)

Pillownaut - Okay, now I want some Pon Far Puffs! Yes, we can do this all day...

Grace - I come from a family of Trekkies so it's not my fault, it's hereditary.

Blond Duck - Mr. L had said we would renew our vows for our 7th anniversary on the bridge at the Vegas show...there was some talk about having our wedding there but I'm not THAT much into being a Trekkie :)

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