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April 14, 2009


noble pig

Ugh I hate tomorrow. I always mail my check on the last possible day!


woe is me! free cinnabon food and not a cinnabon in sight. or within driving distance. :(


Wondering what kind of woman marries a man who didn't finish a project in 34 years. Yikes!

Carolyn Jung

Toothpicks thrown during a wedding instead of rice?? Somehow that conjures up the old Mom adage that stuff like that will "poke someone's eye out!'' hah.

Mrs. L

Noble Pig - For many years it was a game. I can remember doing my taxes at the Sharks arena while watching a hockey game on the jumbotron (one of those early years where the Sharks were trying to make the playoffs and just doing that was a big deal).

Grace - I didn't get to eat any of the freebies this year.

Louise - Giggle, yeah, what is that, 10 a day or something?

Carolyn - I thought about that too, hopefully the bride wasn't wearing lace, can you imagine all those toothpicks sticking in the dress or veil?

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