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April 15, 2009



Don't knock it until you have tried it. I want the avocado shake that Kai has.


Small correction. I was not raised in the Islands. I lived there the first 10-1/2 years of my life (during WWII). I am part Filipina. I love Filipino food. Can't speak the language. And as I get older (75 this year) the memory banks are slowly going. I do remember the avocados. When I first came to the US (I am an American by birth) and saw avocados in salads I said ugh. I still am not a fan of avocados in salad. I love guacamole. So there it is.


That's right, growing up in the Philippines you get used to avocados as a fruit. I get disoriented seeing avocados in savory dishes, and it's my turn to say ugh. Avocado shakes rock, and avocado ice cream is an earthquake.

chef barbie

i love me some avocado! sweet or savory!

Joy the Baker

What a crazy cool pie! Really amazing. I might have to try my hand at avocado shake sometime soon!

Mrs. L

Mom - just you wait, I'll make that shake for yah!

Kai - Mom has called me several times and mentioned your shake so I'll have to make it son.

Chef Barbie - Avocados rock, I had one yesterday for a snack.

Joy the Baker - You would probably make a most excellent pie.

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