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March 04, 2009



These were good! You know how I love hot stuff except now-a-days I have to be careful. My stomach (at my age) sometimes rebels! But I ate them. Yum


Oh, yum-o-la! This sounds simply delightful. And yes, I do concur that judging the heat of a jalapeno is much more challenging than it sounds. When shopping, I use the "if the skin looks like a fresh little green bell pepper, then its a sweet one" rule. This idea of providing the heat AND the relief (cream cheese) in one little bite is simply perfect!


i'm surprised (and thrilled) that they were good as leftovers. that's a gorgeous shot of some tasty treats--i'm always a fan of anything that sets my mouth on fire. :)

Blond Duck

Have you ever seen the comedian Jeff Dunham? Look up jalepeno on a stick on You Tube! That's all I can think of right now!

JennDZ_The LeftoverQueen

Those do look great. I really love stuffed hot peppers of any kind. Especially when there is cheese involved!

Carolyn Jung

I wish I could take the heat like you can. Most of the time I'm a wimp. Just "moderate'' heat suffices just fine. ;)


Wow! These stuffed peppers look delicious! I love jalapenos.

noble pig

Nice and spicy...LOVE IT!


yum! I bet the andouille was awesome. MMMMM...


Well I can eat the stuffing. No peppers for me, I'm allergic.


Those stuffed jalapenos look tasty!

Mrs. L

Mom - Glad you enjoyed them

Louise - I'll have to use that jalapeno test next time I buy them.


I make stuffed jalapenos with cream cheese wrapped in bacon and covered with creamy Italian dressing. This has been a big hit. I have to make more and more every holiday. What makes them so delicious is that I soak the jalapeno's in a ice bath for about an hour before preparing. This takes some of the heat out of them and makes them pleasant to eat.

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