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March 12, 2009



Oh the horror! What would I do without prepackaged food? I perish the thought. Sandra Lee is one of my favorites. And the Pan-Fried Angel's Food Cake is something I'd love to try.


I think the issue with sandra lee is how she uses the packaged foods. I personally don't care for sandra lee or rachael ray. I'm done with food network really. Their shows are great for those that are wanting to learn how to cook quick and lead busy lives, but I want to learn more about ethnic dishes and different cooking techniques. Food network doesn't have a good mix of shows anymore.

That being said, the pan fried angel food cake sounds great. Drizzled with chocolate and it would be so sinful. ;)

Mrs. L

Jeanette - This is a great little dessert when you've spent hours on the main meal and just want something quick to make.

Veron - I'm so with you on the Food Network. These days it's all challenges and such. I want to learn to cook, I want information about french food or Indian food or Japanese. Any kind of "teaching" show is on really early in the morning when I'm at work. I miss the old days of the food network :(. I try to catch the PBS cooking shows if I can because I learn so much more.

chef barbie

oh my god, this looks good.

while i find aunt sandy a tad annoying, i like what she does with most of the stuff. and just what the hell is wrong with teaching us a cocktail for every meal? right, nothing!

sometimes i feel less like a cook when i use prepackaged stuff. but you know what... we don't all have stay at home time, and limitless pantries.

btw, i tried making ina gartens short-cut sticky buns with the puff pastry. it was terrible. they all burned because there was too much butter. :(

Nazarina  A

Everybody would love a little pan fried every so now and again and thanks for such an entertaining article. I love your quick snack!!!

I tend to agree with Veron about Food network! In order for this network to be able to compete in an international arena, they need to feature more cooks of a diverse culinary spectrum.
On the other hand, I do love Sandra for those whimsical table scapes

Carolyn Jung

I bet this is fab. My favorite parts of angel food cake anyway are the ones nearest the crust, which get that nice caramelization from baking. I bet pan-frying slices just ups the caramel-like goodness even more.


Ooo, this sounds a lot like an adult version of deep fried Twinkies. Yum!


Oh, I can have angel food cake with whipped cream but I can try this with my jams and jellies. I would love to have melted chocolate over it best though!


i have to say, i can't tolerate sandra lee. some of her dishes, meh, but the woman herself? nope. and this is a fabulous thing to do to angel food cake. :)

noble pig

I agree and the reason Food Network has those shows is becuase most people cook that way! It's okay. People who cook from scratch would not watch. And I would take their jobs anyday of the week.

This sounds like an awesome dessert.


Fried angel cake sounds great!


very good argument for sandra lee! we don't get her show here, but i have made a few dishes of hers and they have all been fabulous. thanks for taking part in wcc this month, i am sad it's ending too...


Angel food cake is one of the few things I buy from the store...it just takes too many darn egg whites to make at home. But I am one of those Sandra Lee haters...big time. Someone gave me her cookbook once and I lined the rabbits cage with it. :)
I am loving the idea of frying it in butter takes all the healthy part of it away.


This actually makes a lot of sense even if I went "huh?" when I first read the title. Should add a nice crisp texture. Interesting.


Mmmmmm....looks heavenly!


mmm that does sound awesome. but I need some more fat in there, maybe some ice cream or whipped cream...


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They had packages of already sliced angel food cake for sale. So I bought a package of those and used them in this recipe.


This is awesome! I just made it with leftover angel food cake and blackberry jam! Yummy!!

Mrs. L

Amanda - So glad you tried it and blackberry jam does sound yummy!

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