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March 03, 2009



Cilantro cream? OK, that's a heavenly topper. I love the soup (photo is great!), but I think my SO will run screaming from it (spicy wimp, although I wouldn't dream of trying that out as a nickname). I think I may try it with something a little less potent than chipotle though... thanks!


Oh my goodness, not only does that look good it sounds sooo good. I would eat it over rice. You know me and rice.


Oh yum! I love black beans tucked into most any soup or chili, but that cilantro cream on top looks like the true star of this dish.

Mrs. L

Rich - Do try it. I think even with less chipotle it would turn out good.

Mom - I think I gave you some when I made it and yes, I think you put it over rice :)

Louise - Yeah, that cream was a winner. I had to stop myself from putting the entire batch in my bowl of soup.


I love the sound of the cilantro cream. The soup is good too!


I like that Chile Pepper magazine; I always check it out at the library. This soup looks great! The spicier the better, I say.

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