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January 14, 2009


Christie @ fig&cherry

Oooh fried potato skins - delicious!

Love your mashed potatoes entry to the Ho Down. You're right, potatoes and cheese are a great combo!


Double potato entries?! Two dishes from the same set of lovely Yukon gold potatoes?! Oh, what a clever Ho you are, Mrs. L! Well done!

chef barbie

ain't nothin wrong with potatoes and cream cheese that a little garlic and some chives can cure... :) i love mashed potatoes and these look yummy.


The mashed potatoes were great! My take home bag of food was also great. But you are right the potatoes were good the next day and the next day and the next day! Garlic, chives, bacon oh boy make that the next time. Sounds heavenly. I love mashed potatoes!

Mr. L

In my defense, I did think that the "plug" was usable cream, but we played it safe, since the Rum had already been flowing via Eggnog :-) Mr. L


oh mrs l. mashed potatoes are my favorite way to consume potatoes, and the very thought of the creaminess created by that cheese makes me shiver. my stars. :)

noble pig

Oh doubles...how I love thee! Wow, I'm all over it...yahoo!


MMmmmmmmm!!! These look delicious and your fried potato skins? Even better!


Oh yeah! Mashed potatoes with cream cheese is how my mom eats em.

Mrs. L

Christie - Thank you for doing this round of Potato Ho.

Louise - You have to give partial credit to Mr. L who brilliantly made those little fries for breakfast.

Chef Barbie - I will definitely try garlic and chives in this next time.

Mom - Wait til next Christmas, I'll add the bacon and garlic and chives!

Mr. L - ah yes, lots of eggnog and rum that day :)

Grace - Any kind of potatoes works for me, I can never really decide what my favorite way to cook them is. Baked. Fried. Mashed. Plain. Fancy. It's all good.

Noble - Hey, two for the price of one always works for me.

Peabody - I've actually never had them with cream cheese which is a shame because they are sooo good that way.


Looks so creamy... Just how I like my mashed potatoes. Yum.


I love mashed potatoes. Nice recipe!


Oh my goodness. Potatoes, cream cheese, cream, butter make perfect mashed potatoes.

Sean Butcher

Yeah, mashed potatoes are really delicious. I lived on an MF diet for eight months as I'm waiting for my gums to heal after a dental implant surgery. Good thing my wife knows how to trick out her mashed potato, as she serves different recipes everyday. And I like the way you include the potato skins; it contains most of the vitamins and minerals. I'll ask my wife to try this recipe.

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