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January 25, 2009



Sounds yummy! The flavor of sesame oil is always welcome in Chinese dipping sauces.

Chris Lemon

I'm a little surprised you can't find black vinegar; my hot and sour soup recipe uses it, and it was easy to find a big honkin' bottle of it at all of our largish Oriental markets. Did you try any of the neighborhood ones in Japantown?

If Yaohan was still around, they woulda had it. :)

But this is brilliant and now I need to get some chili-garlic sauce. :)


A little while ago I came across a recipe with black vinegar in it. I didn't go look for any, but since I live in Chinatown I'm sure it won't be hard to find (I hope!). This does look like a good sauce for potstickers!


Great stuff! This is one of the few spicy things I like, and can eat without feeling it's too hot. I love steamed pot-sticker dumplings... and there is a great restaurant near me who serves the best dip with it, but if you ask for the recipe they suddenly decide that they do not speak English, hehehe...


Yum! That picture looks good!

chef barbie

my niece said they showed her how to mix the potsticker sauce at PF Changs once. right at the table.

Mrs. L

Louise - we use sesame oil in a ton of stuff, it's a staple in our house.

Chris - I actually did look for it in the Japanese market and they didn't have it either. It's got to be around here somewhere.

Kickpleat - We had some potstickers at a Chinese restaurant this week and I think I like my homemade sauce better than what they served. And it was made with balsamic so who knows, I may not like it with black vinegar.

Arch - One of these days, I'll have to make my own potstickers from scratch.

Lara - I admit, every time I look at that photo, it makes me want to dive into a bag of potstickers and make a batch.

Chef Barbie - I haven't been to PF Changs lately, but I'll have to ask about it next time I'm there.


That sounds like a really great sauce. I'll have to try that next time we make potstickers. Thanks for sending this in for WCC.

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Whenever I see black vinegar, it's usually a huge jug (vase-like?) of it on the bottom shelf... Chinese people use it to make a traditional dish during confinement (made of pigs feet, ginger and typically eggs as well) so you might want to refer to that to get you more luck. Most Chinese people will know of it and it might help.

Mrs. L

Sherry - Thanks for the info. I'll have to check next time I'm at the store for the big jug of the stuff.

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Wow, I love Peking duck and never thought to make it myself, but you are always a source of inspiration. Can I just say that when I first saw that picture, I thought had a 6 pack, and was ripped! Regardless of the athletic inclinations of the duck, the final results look amazing.


Looks yummy,can you share the recipe please,I would like to try this one out.

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Oh yeah fish sauce would work out great in here also. In the summer at the Oshkosh farmers market one of the egg roll vendors has this wicked good hot sauce that is pretty much just hot peppers and fish sauce, its so good!

Alex Staff

Hm, this dip might work well with BBQs, don't you think? Grilling meat is often a simple affair, but adding an extra kick in the dip department can be fun in place of barbecue sauce.

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