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January 07, 2009



Yeah Mr. L. Will you either invite me over for this or come over and cook it for me. Stay on the good side of MIL! It looks good. And I hardly ever follow a recipe either. Mrs. L gets so upset when she asks me about something I have cooked and I can't give her amounts! Sorry sweetie.

chef barbie


tell mr. L that i get home from work around 6. he can have it ready for me when i get home.


Mr and Mrs L, you are hereby invited to a weekend away at our lake house. Fridge will be stocked and I'll leave out the pans.

And Mrs L, I promise not to put a baby in your arms and leave the room as a joke to see how you will react... especially since said baby is now 6' 1".


Now that's an omlete...mmm, all that meat.

NotSoccer Mom

well kudos to you for even thinking about attempting this scrap project! i'm always thinking i should take more pictures about just every day stuff but don't....


that's the most eggstraordinary omelet i've ever seen! (sorry, had to do it.) seriously, the eggs look smooth and luscious, and the fillings are great. nicely done, mr l!

noble pig

Well that looks amazing. And lucky you get to be the recipient of these treats!

Blond Duck

I love that omelet! I just saw the comment about Shreveport and Southeren Maid donuts. My husband loves those! Have you ever been to Southfield grill?


I also try to cook like Mrs. L but it just doesn't work for me. Unless I've made the dish at least a hundred times or something.

gansie @endless simmer

re: organic swiss cheese
can you tell any diff b/t regular swiss cheese? i know i can tell a difference b/t pre-sliced and blocked swiss, but have ventured into organic.

Mrs. L

Gansie - Honestly, I did not taste much difference between this cheese and any normal swiss cheese (but then I usually buy "deli" swiss cheese and not the packaged stuff). Maybe if I did a side by side taste test I'd notice something.

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