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January 13, 2009



Real nice Mrs. L. I like that opener. Went to the blog and English food does not look like it has changed that much. It all looks weird and bland. Same as when I lived there.

chef barbie

what a great package. and yes... her blog is terrific!

noble pig

Love the lemon curd! I have the perfect mini cheesecake recipe for it!

Mrs. L

Mom - there are a ton of tasty looking recipes in the British Cookbook so I'm sure there are things you'll eat.

Chef Barbie - Wasn't there some great stuff in this BBM?

Noble - Oh yum, is it on your blog yet? (that's if I have any curd left, because lemon curd, spoon, gone in my house)


Cooool. I'm jealous! What are Chocolate Minstrels? I'm going to google it.
You're not a bad blogger, by the way.

Carolyn Jung

Pink Smarties??? Oh man, I love Smarties. Plus, they have no fat. So, they must be good for you, right? Or am I being delusional? And am I spelling that word, right??


Great that you had yours on time this round.

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