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December 13, 2008


noble pig

Oh yes, love it! I love potato skins too and this would just hit the spot!


Yummy! I have to admit I'm one of those who likes the crispy skin though. I might have to make these for New Year's Eve.


I have never been able to eat potato skins. I have had it when it was very crispy and I did not mind that but I am no big fan. Don't even like it as my bake potato. I just scoop out the potato (with lots of toppings) and that is it.


Mmm, potato skins...with bacon and cheese. The only way to go.


I like how this looks. All of the goodness in potatoes are in the skins, I think.

Mrs. L

Noble Pig - They really did hit the spot that night. And they were much better than the ones I've ordered at restaurants lately.

Ann - A perfect New Years Eve snack. Plus, I think it's just not that they are crispy when I order them, it's that they are so dry. Have to figure out how to crisp them without making them cardboardy.

Mom - That's okay, I'll eat all your potato skins!

Peabody - But of course bacon makes everything better.

Jude - More vitamins in the skin? I didn't even think of that...so I can call these healthy LOL.


Those potato skins look good!

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Mom - That's okay, I'll eat all your potato skins!

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Potato skins used to be my appetizer of choice...before I became enamored with buffalo wings. I remember many days spent at TGIF's ordering their special skins. But I've never made them myself at home.

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