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December 24, 2008



I can hardly wait until tomorrow so I can have some egg nog. Yummy

Mrs. L

Mom - Don't worry, we bought an extra bottle just for Christmas day!


I only like it in desserts, so I would glady throw this in a cheesecake.
Merry Christmas my fellow hockey lover.


LOL - now there's a recipe I can get on board with!


Used to hate eggnog until I had a really good version at the office, of all places. The recipe remains a secret. I think I'm going to try this out.


eggnog is simply a vehicle for rum to most people, but your recipe sounds like something that'd be delicious even without the booze.
hope your christmas was wonderful! :)

chef barbie

i had THE BEST "real" homemade eggnog at a party last year. i now have the recipe. i prefer kaluah in my nog.

oh, i was thinking about your organic nog... if it isn't as thick and creamy you can add some whipped cream. the real stuff, not cool whip.


You SO crack me up!


LOL too hilarious... when I first started reading, I was appalled you didn't suggest a recipe for making eggnog from scratch, then I realized it was a rum runner ;)


Fabulous post! I like your recipe very much!


That sounds like my kind of eggnog.

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