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December 04, 2008



This looks like a wild cookbook but I have traveled the highways enough that I probably have had a lot of the recipes. I'll have to borrow it to see.


Yum, I love Taylor's at the Ferry Building, although I haven't been recently.


This is a TV show that I really do like as it truly honors the heart of America. Small diners, local owners and appreciative cliental, and each with their own noteworthy story to tell. Good stuff, this.

Mrs. L

Mom - I'll bring you the cookbook

Makfan - I didn't eat there because I had already been to the one in St. Helena, but on the Sunday we went there were no lines.

Louise - The show is fun and I defiantly have checked websites of some of the diners so that I can visit at sometime. I plan on trying the ones in the Sacto area next.

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