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December 04, 2008



This was great. Never heard it called "American Chop Suey" before. I too have eaten variations of this dish but I sure enjoyed this one. Cook it for me anytime.


This looks so good. And I'm intrigued by it's name! Am adding it to our list of recipes to try.


I have made it many times but never realized it was called that. I love Guy's shows.


Talk about names....in the Phils. chop suey is the Chinese chop suey, but this American chop suey is a sort of an un-baked baked macaroni for us, and yeah, we eat it all the time, it's a perennial party dish, next to spaghetti pasta with the same sauce, plus sliced hotdogs.

Chris Lemon

It's basically Hamburger Helper, but more complicated. It would not be hard *at all* to adapt it to the one-pot Hamburger Helper paradigm, and the macaroni would be better because it would soak up some of the flavor when it cooked. Check this out; same idea, but Mexican:



Not at all what I expected to see when I clicked on the title, but it totally makes sense why this is called what it is. Looks like something my kids would love!

noble pig

That's funny, I thought my mother only made American Chop Suey and that she made it up. Wow, she had me duped!

Nazarina A

How interesting! It is always fascinating to learn how certain dishes got their names! Judging by your picture, this dish is quick, easy and satisfying.


Ha, ha, I immediately thought of Hamburger Helper when I saw your picture. This recipe sounds pretty tasty.


Heyyyy. How about that Guy Fieri? What a character. His hair scares me.

I think I would like American Chop Suey. I've never had it before.


i can't believe there was no cheese in the recipe--it's just screaming for cheese! when he's not annoying the heck out of me, i enjoy guy fieri, and i think i'd put this cookbook to good use.
and salt is my number one staple. :)


Wowzers! I had forgotten all about chop suey with fried noodles (white rice with the noodles on the top at our house). It has been YEARS. Yum, And the American version? We had that a TON growing up, and sometimes mom added cheese. But we called it goulash--almost identical spices, and the ingredients were spot on. This is being added to my shopping list for the week! ;-)


You know you could use almost any kind of pasta for this dish even the chop suey noodles. This would also be good over rice (minus the macaroni) of course. The sauce alone would be good over anything.


I ate this all the time growing up. We called it goulash too!


I've always thought chop suey was american to begin with, but i don't know. Definitely looks like great comfort food to me.


That looks tasty!

Mrs. L

Mom - This definitely stays in my repertoire.

Jeanette - You'll have to let me know if everyone liked it.

Lisa - I'm amazed at how many folks make this but don't call it American Chop Suey.

Kai - Ah, spaghetti with sliced hot dogs, yum.

Chris - Your chili mac recipe looks awesome, I'll have to give it a try.

Kristen - I totally think this is a great kids dish. I plan on making it for the Godson and his sister next time we have to kidsit.

Noble Pig - Moms are smart like that. Not sure I would have eaten it as a kid with that name.

Nazarina - Very simple, quick and satisfying!

Makfan - And as we had a conversation about this Sunday, YUMMY on the cheeseburger Hamburger Helper. I'm already thinking to make this and add cheese.

Emily - Giggle, I think his hair is great...yes, a bit scary, but it so fits his personality.

Grace - You're not the only one who thinks this really needs cheese. You'll find a recipe for American Chop Suey with Cheese on my blog in the future!

Kathie/Jediannie - Ah goulash, yep, I've heard it called that before too. Quite a few different names this dish has, wonder how many more we can come up with?

Mom - AHA! I'll have to do this with rice and see what we get.

Jude - Definitely Chinese/American in origin (at least according to wikipedia).

Kevin - Thanks, it was!


I saw that episode. Interesting, I think of the chinese kind as well.


I actually saw the segment of the show where this was made. I really enjoy the whole diner food genre, and I'll have to keep a look out for that cookbook!

Mrs. L

Peabody/Paula - I don't think I caught that episode so I've been watching the shows trying to see if they show it.

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