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November 18, 2008



These sound delicious, and its clear why you ate them right out of the oven ... how could anyone resist?


these look so good!


I'd have trouble resisting these...and I think thick is excellent even if not so crisp.


never again will my potato peelings be wasted--this is great!

noble pig

What a novel idea, this was such a great entry! I love the idea, LOVE IT!


Fried/bake potatoes with Parmigiano-Reggiano sounds really delicious, then eat them with that sour cream and chives. What a treat!
Thanks for stopping by.


Yum, those sound good!


Oh yum!

Mrs. L

Louise - They were hard to resist, just like french fries!

Barbie - You should try these, simple to make.

Elle - We had no problem with them having a bit more potato on them. Didn't take away from the mashed taters we made later and made the snack a bit more substantial.

Grace - I think it's such a cool idea to not waste the peelings.

Noble Pig - I expect you to try these :)

Elra - You could even leave the cheese off and these would be good but I think the cheese just added to the flavor.


Oh my, these look like the ultimate snack to have with beer.


Amazing looking crisps!

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