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November 24, 2008



You silly thing. You should have known better but as in life we all make mistakes. Better luck next time. Save me one stuffed jalapeno when you do make them. LOL Mom

Mrs. L

Mom - I know. I felt so stupid afterwards because I KNOW better. I was just so busy cooking up a storm I wasn't thinking! I'll definitely save you a stuffed jalapeƱo or two.


yikes! glad you are ok. i did something similar the other night. roommate K was making salsa and he dropped a piece of chile on the floor. i bent down and picked it up to toss in the trash and then rubbed my eye. OUCH!!!

Jan Walinck

Oh dear! Good thing you didn't touch your eyes.


Ooo, what a hot head you are! Stuffed habaneros?! Whooooo-eeeee! While I do love the burn of this little hottie, I do get nervous when my husband invariably tells me that while the pot of chile on the stove was fine after the first habenero, he tossed in a second (or third) just cuz. You are one tough woman, Mrs L!

noble pig

Oh you are so lucky! If you have even come close to your eyes...ummm...things would have went black.

Mrs. L

Barbie - I feel for you. My fingers still burn a bit when I get them near heat or rub them.

Jan - I'm still afraid to get my hands anywhere near my eyes.

Louise - I do like it hot, but I think I'll leave the stuffed habaneros to the experts.

Noble - I'm going to try the pepper recipe with jalapenos tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Ooo! I feel your pain! Last year for a football game I made about 30 stuffed jalapenos and all the while cutting them and gutting them, with no gloves. I didn't give it a second thought, until that night while working my fingertips were sizziling, it was the weirdest feeling I have ever had! And it hurt! To soothe my hands so that I could actually type I had to wear some of those winter one-size-fits-all gloves. I learned my lesson well! I can't imagine with a hotter pepper! Ouch!


i've often underestimated the power of certain peppers. and yes, i've paid the price. :) i'm glad you survived. :)

Mr. L

One word for salvation, Milk.

Carolyn Jung

You are one brave woman to be eating all those habaneros. I'm a wimp when it comes to heat, so I mostly stick with the staid jalapeno.

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