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November 12, 2008



I enjoy anchovies in my ceasar salads. Only when they are mashed up and used to make the dressing tho. I went to a steakhouse once and they gave me a ceasar salad with full anchovies. Bleh.


Jalapenos! We've recently become big, big fans of those lovely pickled "nacho" jalapenos in a jar. They seem to have made their way onto many foods, but pizza is a new one by me.


i love king arthurs supreme! that is my favorite. only, no fish and no peppers.

Carolyn Jung

I think every day should be National Pizza Day! ;)


Ah yes, good old Pizza Hut. I loved you working there as I could go in and get a free pizza once in a while. And get it the way I liked it (with lots of meat). I remember going late at night to pick you up from work. But, sorry, my favorite pizza place was "Pee Wees Pizza" on El Camino in Sunnyvale. That was the best pizza ever.

Amber Shaw

Anchovies are what elevate the pizza from ho hum cheater dinner to gastronomic delight. Just make sure you have your super-model's dessert handy: tic tacs! Thanks for becoming a follower Mrs. L!!


Haha - you're funny. I'm picturing you in the back of Pizza Hut, sipping your milk and eating pizza.
I like to sprinkle crushed red pepper on mine, and a little of that powdery cheese stuff. Mmmm.


My college roommate ordered pizza with anchovies and jalapenos, because then he didn't have to share it with the whole floor.


Oh, and I happened to have pizza last night, but it was one of those fancy ones: chicken, andouille sausage, red pepers, etc. No anchovies and no jalapenos for me--thanks but no thanks!


I am 100% with you on the jalapeƱos. A lot of the time I throw some Tabasco on there too. I love my pizza SPICY!

Mrs. L

Veron - You know, I didn't think about that. I get Ceasar salads all the time and I know some have anchovies in the sauce. But if they were to put full ones on the salad, I'd probably take them off.

Louise - I put pickled jalapenos in a lot of stuff too. I'm so surprised you've never had them on pizzas, you must try them!

Barbie -I'll invite you over the next time we order one and we can take the peppers off.

Carolyn - I hear that!

Mom - I know that we've never found a place that you like as much as PeeWee's pizza. They did have great stuff there.

Amber - Sheesh, do your three boys eat the anchovies on the pizza?

Emiline - Oh, I put jalapenos AND the crushed red peppers on my pizzas! (I'm a sucker for the heat I guess).

MATT - Smart because you can always take both of those off and most of the time the flavor hasn't spread. There isn't anything wrong with fancy pizzas either (but I do like to add jalapenos to them too).

Emiglia - Oh, Tabasco on my pizzas, why didn't I think of that? I'll have to give it a try.

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