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November 07, 2008


Chris Lemon

You might see if you can catch the episode of Good Eats about wings that my Tivo caught the other night. I think Alton baked 'em, citing that there was no need to fry since there was still loads of grease in the form of chicken fat. It was interesting! (And it made me crave wings! :))


Hooters wings are great. Never had deep fried pickles though.


I wasn't impressed with the hooters wings when I went that one time. I wasn't impressed with the girls either. We were in orlando and the girls looked rather....alien-ish.

noble pig

I know, the Hooter girls do have muffin tops which is hilarious, too many wings maybe?


Here is a story about pubescent boys and Hooters. Many years ago we were in a Hooters in Florida. I think my youngest son was about 10 or 11. His eyeballs were just about falling out of his head. I made a laughing comment to him and he got all huffy and said he wasn't staring at the girls. Not 5 minutes later as he was trying to not stare - but stare, while talking a sip of his pop - he shoved the straw up his nose! I never laughed so hard. Even he couldn't help but laugh and admit he was enjoying the view.

We Are Never Full

i totally LOL'ed reading the first line of this post... but, seriously, hooters wings are amazing. i was a hooters girl for halloween about 10 years ago... maybe i need to bust the outfit out again (no pun intended?) and make these wings?

who knew there was a hooters cookbook!? awesome.


Not sure where I should start with this comment, with the Hot, or the Wings. Mrs L, you did cover the Hot pretty well, so I'll go onto the wings. My hubby and I went on a homemade wing quest several years back, and let me tell you, deep fried is IT! There is just no other way. On the other hand, between the deep fried and the hot sauce, be prepared for some serious indigestion. Ugh. We've now moved on to Miami Hot Wings in the ever inspired Miami Spice book by Steven Raichlen.


I've never gone to a Hooter's restaurant. We have one or two here, but I'm not a fan of girls walking around in next to nothing. However, I do love the recipe. I've been making a baked variation of it for several years now. With the double coating of the flour and letting it sit in the fridge between coatings for a least an hour, I don't miss the frying.


We used to go to Hooters in AZ often because they do have pretty good wings.


Would you believe I've never been to a Hooters before?

I love chicken wings, though. These sound very good... mmm, butter...

Carolyn Jung

Is there such a thing as a GOOD fried pickle? Seriously? Although I have not tried the Hooters' ones, I have had the ones at The Counter. Not worth the calories or the money. I always thought anything fried had to be good. But not sure that's true with pickles.


Had no idea they served fried pickles. I've been trying to cross it out of my must try list for a while now.


We first tried deep fried pickles in North Carolina last year and have been hooked ever since. So my hubby makes them from time-to-time.

And you've just inspired a xmas gift idea. The Hooters Cookbook. Gonna get that for the guy in my life. He loves buffalo wings!

Mrs. L

Chris - We actually record most Good Eats but I think we missed that one. I'll have to check.

Lisa - Well, maybe not try them at Hooters but do try them somewhere if you like pickles.

Veron - Alian Hooters girls? Maybe that will start a trend.

Noble Pig - To much of something.

Jan - I would have laughed too. Do you every remind your son of this?

We Are Never Full - Awe come on, we need to see that Hooters Costume!

Louise - I actually remember your foray into finding wings...it's always stayed with me and why I have these "must make ten recipes of 'X' so I can find the best one" attitude!

Mrs. L

Psychgrad - I'd say everyone should go to a Hooters...just for the comic relief!

Peabody - I really liked the wings. Some people don't, but they certainly worked for me (both at the place and the ones I made at home).

Emiline - I was surprised my husband had never been. You should go to try the wings if you are a wing fan.

Carolyn - I have a feeling that real "cajun" or southern places do the pickles better than chain restaurants. Don't give up on them yet.

Jude - Well, if you must try them there, but otherwise wait to find a better place to get the deep fried pickles.

Jeanette - How fun! Glad I could help on the Christmas list. I might have to buy one of the cookbooks for a few friends of mine too.


OK, deep fried pickles just sounds really wrong to me. I'd be really curious to see what they taste like (if I could handle sodium or fat that is). The wings look really good. I actually have a recipe for what they call Hooter wings on our site that are baked and you'd never know they were baked - really yummy. At least I thought it was Hooter's - maybe it's really Alton Brown's recipe :)


I made the Alton Brown buffalo wings last weekend. Steaming the wings got rid of some of the fat, the baked result was nice and crispy. I used a combination of tobasco and a mexican hot sauce with the butter. NotBF loved them.

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