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October 01, 2008



12 years in SF and I've never eaten at The Slanted Door....why is it we never do the things that are close to home?


What a wonderful experience ... a bit of planned whimsy and some unexpected surprises. Nice.


Oh! Sounds so fun, and what a pleasant surprise to meet (kinda) the chef! I remeber the Winchester Mystery House! I still have my pressed penny from when we went as kids! And now after perusing the website I REALLY want to go again! What a fun, cool place!

evil chef mom

that is amazing that you had a run in with chef phan... cool. as for chihuly, the exhibit was wonderful and I had some pretty funny about his work too. i love that it is art with a sense of whimsy... i can't wait to go to the new academy but i think i might be dissapointed... i loved, loved, loved the old building and the round-about. i'm glad my kids got to see it a few times before they tore it down.

Mrs. L

MATT - We should go! We'll talk next week at the game.

Louise - I love me some unexpected food fun.

Shannon - When did you go the Winchester Mystery House? You'll have to bring my little cousins out when they get a bit bigger and we can take them.

Evil Chef Mom - I wish I had some photos of the old building. As a kid it was kinda big and imposing and perfect to go inside and see the displays.

Carolyn Jung

Too funny! Charles is incredibly down to earth. And his food _ meatballs or anything else _ to die for. I hope you enjoyed them.



found your post through Food Blog Search.

we missed / avoided opening weekend but did go later that week. Here's our report:


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