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October 10, 2008



Mmm, could go for some hot chocolate about now!

I actually thought Nabby got the loudest applause during the announcements. As for Roenick, I love the guy but I thought he played terrible (aside from that big hit in the 1st). In fact, the entire first period was hard to watch. I too wondered about the sharks head, hope it isn't out of service for long!


This is clearly a whole world of which I know nothing. Glad you had a great time!


That is a great shirt...and for $10!
I will not comment on the crapfest my team chose to play last night. Sigh.
I am dying to try the new hot chocolate. I can't have any dairy right now and it is killing me. I am a member of the Starbucks panel and I get a free one...I just can't go get it yet. Killing me I tell you.
As for Roenick, as usual he can suck it. ;)


I'd totally rock that shark costume with some leggings and some sequined ballet slippers. Oh, I just got some shirts from threadless.com for $9. On sale. I dunno if they're as cool as the duck/shark one ya got there, but they're pretty awesome.

And that salted caramel hot chocolate? my new obsession. I get it nonfat and with extra foam instead of the whip so I can pretend I'm being good.


The Sharks head was working on Saturday, so it was just a one-game malfunction of some sort.

Remember first goal pools? Those were the days.


oh my gosh, those luncheons were fun, weren't they! remember the one right when we got back from japan. we were taking pictures with all the chicas at the end and tony granato kept jumping into the pix! hehehehe

NotSoccer Mom

yes the salted caramel hot choc is to die for! YUMMO.

watched the first half or so of the game on tv: what was up with the sharks head? It was used at the preseason game! yes, roenick got the biggest applause after nabby. i totally was thinking the same thing about porros's moustache! haha! i only went to one of those lunches but it was super fun!


Grier bashers? That's just evil and wrong. I love him. Ah, the Chamber of Commerce lunches. To have disposable income again...

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