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October 28, 2008


noble pig

I've seen Oingo Boingo 3 times on Halloween it was always an awesome show. I love the Disney with their Haunted Mansion stuff.


Love, love this movie!!! For several years, I had students do stop action films of a volcano exploding. We simply used paper taped to the wall, and students would move the pieces of paper around, or recreate the mountain with its new shape. It was amazing how very challenging this "simple" project was in reality. After we watched our movies, I'd show them the DVD extra on the making of The Nightmare Before Christmas. We'd all have to pick up our jaws off the floor at the end! If you haven't taken then time to see it yet, I highly recommend it!

Blond Duck

My friend Libby LOVES this! I've never seen it.

Mrs. L

Noble Pig - I was a huge Oingo Boingo fan. Saw them many times in concert so it was a HUGE treat to be able to go backstage and meet Danny. There were some perks with having boyfriends and cousins in the music business.

Louise - It really is a remarkable movie. Is that making of on a special disk or the standard DVD? I'll have to check. If you were still teaching I'd have you have the kids watching the documentary on the Wallace and Gromit guy. Really cool.

Blond Duck - You so have to see the movie. It's cute and kind of romantic.

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