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October 27, 2008


Carolyn Jung

These are too cute! I wonder if ya could put half a grape tomato at the end of each cheese finger to make red fingernails? Yes, only a girl would ask that. Hah!

noble pig

Those are awesome.


How cool are those? Awesome! I'm going to have to give these a try this week.


mrs. L, i too have a fear of working with yeast. maybe we can find a class to take together!

Blond Duck

Those are freaky!


Wow, my nephew would like those fingers. I wonder if you could do that with french fries?


Oh!! I soooo need to try these!! Wish I wasn't so behind in my blog reading...would have loved to do these with the baby beasties when they were home! Now I will have to have them done and serve them up tomorrow! ;-)

Mrs. L

Carolyn - I love the way you think! Painted nails on this would be perfect (maybe an olive for black nail polish? Or thinly roll out some black licorice?)

Noble Pig/Kristen - I hope you guys try to make these and post them on your blogs.

ChefBarbie - Oh we so have to figure out yeast cooking together.

Blond Duck - Did you see the fingers and toes from Martha? Now those are scary.

Jeanette - Another great idea, using french fries. Maybe flatten them a bit. Cool.

Kathie - Have fun making these.

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