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September 23, 2008



i love chef duff, but i gotta say that i heartily agree with your assessment of geof. he reminds me of a serial killer.


I could imagine their cakes being that much. We have a guy here in town that is on the Food Network (Mike's Amazing Cakes) that is local. I tasted his cake at the wedding show (it was so dry and not flavorful). It was super pricey as well. The cakes look cool but I wanted flavor darn it all.

noble pig

An online store....I must check it out!


Are you serious? I don't know if he looks like a killer :) but he's no George Clooney!!

Do you watch Food Network a lot? I do.


We don't get that show on our Food Network so I checked your link. And nope I can't see what the ladies see in him either. He looks like a happy nerd to me :) Not someone I would drool over.


frankly, i'm more attracted to duff than to geof. what a great show. :)

Mrs. L

ChefBarbie - So glad Mr. L and I aren't alone in our serial killer views.

Peabody - I'm so with you on the taste. And I'm always amazed at what ISN'T made out of cake that they call a cake.

NoblePig - It seems everyone has an online store these days, but I'm amazed that there are actually scrapbook stickers.

Emiline - I watch the Food Network more than I probably should. I should be cooking more!

Jan - You would probably like Ace of Cakes, it's a fun show to follow and some of the cakes are pretty dang amazing.

Grace - I think Duff would be a kick to have as a buddy don't you?

NotSoccer Mom

if i were 20 years younger and wanted a geeky nerd type of guy who looks almost hot when he rolls out fondant, well MAYBE geof would do it for me. BUT that said, when i see what he does at charm city and i realize what a genius he is, that's sorta sexy right there! did you ever see the piano he made? that was pretty friggin cool, with all 88 keys.


I love Duff, too!


Love the Duff man ... I covet his eye lashes! I wish I knew how Geoff can speak without EVER moving his jaw or cheeks. Hmmm ....

My son get's Lego Magazine and there was a blurb about Duff in there and how much he loves Legos. He said playing with legos growing up helped him think outside the box for his creations today. Maybe I should go play with some legos myself!

And, how cool is the peeling egg thing? There are no speakers on this computer, so I only watched the video ... was totally surprised by the blowing thing! Must go boil some eggs now!

Mrs. L

NotSoccer Mom - I do think Geof is cool, just not sexy! And most of what they create is pretty amazing.

AJ - He really would be a cool friend to have wouldn't he?

Paula - I bought some eggs to try this next week!

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