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September 22, 2008



That salad look delicious! And those parmesan crisp sound amazing! And I love that you have a lot of dressing cause I'm one of those persons too. The ones that use a little too much dressing =D
Thanks by your comment on my blog by the way =)

noble pig

OMG, a savory Napolean? I love it! It's beautiful!


I am oohing and aahhing over this recipe. The blueberry cheesecake also looks fantastic.


Now that is something I can sink my teeth into. It looks so cool and inviting. I have never had the yellow tomatoes.


What an inspiring way to use heirloom tomatoes! Great photo, too!!


what a gorgeous, elegant creation! i love the various colors of the tomatoes, and really, what can't be made delicious by the addition of parmesan crisps? :)


This looks like it would be great for an upcoming dinner party I'm having. Yummy recipe!


Mmmmmm Yum!


Oh yum!

Mrs. L

Isa - I recommend everyone try the Parmesan crisps as they are quite tasty and give dishes that otherwise wouldn't have it a nice crunch.

Noble Pig - I had to do a double take on the name as I'd never heard something savory called a Napoleon before.

Lisa - Thank you

Mom - I'll bring you over a yellow tomato, you'll love it.

Elle - I'm really all about the heirlooms this year, so tasty.

Grace - I actually liked my photo (or at least the concept) better than the one in the magazine.

Kristen - It would be perfect for a dinner party! I hope you post your version if you make it.

ChefBarbie/Jan - Yum is right...something that looks good AND tastes good.


Congratulations on winning the cookbook! It's a beautiful recipe.

So, you're from San Jose too?


This looks amazing. I've been more about smaller tomatoes this summer. Ella Bella farm has dry farmed early girls and various heirlooms, another seller has grape, cherry and variations of san marzanos -- I bought a cherry tomato and a pear tomato plant called Vesuvio from them.


Oh, I'll take an entire pan of those crisps please. And then I'd like a big serving of the entire recipe! YUM! Pretty photo, too!

Mrs. L

Nate - Yep, another San Jose blogger, love your blog by the way, awesome recipes and photos and I use your reviews to find places to eat.

Andrea - I'm so jealous that you were growing your own tomatoes. I need to come visit to try some :)

Paula - The Parmesan crisps can be addictive.


That looks good! I like the presentation!

Cookin' Canuck

This is such a pretty and innovative dish - love it!

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