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August 31, 2008


noble pig

Oh yeah that looks amazing,and what a wonderful gift.


Oh my, I want some more. This is so delectable. You are becoming quite the cook my daughter. I mean you were before but you had no confidence apparently, which I did not know about. I always loved anything you cooked. Thanks for letting me have a taste!


Beautiful cake stand and cake!

evil chef mom

this makes me miss the piece of waterford my dad brought back from ireland to give to me. my kids broke it. give your dad an extra big piece because it makes your cheesecake look even more beautiful.

Mr. L

The cheesecake is to die for, Mrs. L is a born baker!


Hey, if we can't have that chocolate desert we had for my birthday this year I want the blueberry cheesecake. I was going to eat it a little at a time, but guess, I started to do that tonight and could not hold off. I finished it.


So elegant looking - both the cheesecake and the stand. I want one!


I agree - they both look amazing!! The stand is gorgeous!

cake stands

Waterford certainly make beautiful things, and your cake stand is no exception. Cake looks pretty good!

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