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August 08, 2008



Oh, my heart goes out to all 3 of you. We love you, Toaster!


Oh my, I thought having to give them a pill was tough.

Hoping the news is good for Toaster.


Wow, this is really hard for all of you, I can only imagine. Good luck with the treatment and with the upcoming tests! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.


Oh poor baby... you and the cat! Good luck with all of this.


poor toaster... and mom & dad. it's traumatic enough to know the vet did it to them, but to have to be the one doing it. yikes.

noble pig

Oh wow, poor things. I hope things turn out well. Pets are so wrapped up in our hearts and lives.


My poor grandchild. Toaster is such a sweet feline. I have had to put up with a lot of my daughter's cats as she grew up plus those at her grandparents house but Toaster I like. She is lovable (I always say he). Yeah, my poor daughter, I knew she would have a hard time giving the needle. I am glad my son-in-law took over.


i love your dedication to your kitty and i hate that this happened to her. i hope things are back to normal again soon!


Oh my! I don't think I would be able to do that. I am such a wus that when they have to do anything to Murph at the vets I leave the room. Hugs to Toaster!

Mrs. D

As you've already read over on my blog I'm in a similar kitty situation with my beloved Patches, except he gets a little vicious with me. I sincerely hope that Toaster will be ok, I know how much cats can mean to someone.

NotSoccer Mom

i'm so glad you have mr. L with you at this time. i'll be thinking of the three of you and sending healing and happy thoughts your way.

Mrs. L

Thanks for all the good wishes. As we get more experienced it's less of a freakout on all our sides (cat included). We're just keeping our fingers crossed for the blood test results next week.


I have had to say good-bye to two of my beloved pets, my cats are all rescues and they really are members of our family. Reading this, tears are pouring down my face because my little Scruffy will not be with us too much longer ... and then there will be just one.



Weeping. Hoping.
Can't wait to hear what you hear.

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