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August 09, 2008


noble pig

I need to get into the spirit over here, maybe we'll do stir-fry for dinner.


I too, LOVE the Olympics, and I am passing it on to Natalie too! She has been watching them with me all weekend, even watching them to fall asleep at night! That tray is SO pretty, I wish I had more of Grandma's little treasures! Each one, so precious! I miss her.


I am not a Summer Olympic fan. I am just not a Summer sports fan. We are watching it but more like in the background. I did eat Chinese food yesterday though. :)


So that is where that tray went. Yes, it was purchased in England when we were there in the early 50s. It is pretty. Not sure if Grandma D bought it for her or me. I seem to have had it around for a long time. Take care of it.


i'll bet the food delivery fella has encountered many more baffling things than that!
i love these informative posts--you always tell me something i never knew. :)
enjoy the games!

NotSoccer Mom

love that tray! it's beautiful.

somehow i can't seem to get into the olympics this time around. i normally love the summer games more than the winter (swimming and gymnastics always favorites). but between the time difference, the internet, and the media it's no fun knowing the winner beforehand. boo hoo.


I tried to post a comment before, but I don't think it went through. Sorry if this ends up being a duplicate!

We are Olympic fans, too! Did you see the men's swimming relay! WOW! Exciting stuff. Love your serving tray and the history behind it. What a great idea to order Chinese carry out!

Mrs. L

Noble Pig - I have several recipes, stir-fry included to possibly try during the 17 days.

Shannon - You and your sister will inherit it all at some point. I too, love using stuff of Grandmas to remind me of her.

Peabody - Yep, I know how much you don't like the heat :)

Mom - There are actually two trays of different sizes. I'll take good care of them to make sure they are okay to hand down to your nieces.

Grace - I just pass on the strange stuff I find on other blogs and websites. Amazing what's out there.

Not Soccer Mom - You just have to be like us and try to stay away from any news during the day. Last night I frantically changed the radio station in the car just to not hear results.

Paula - The win sold me on this years Olympics. I'm totally hooked on the swimming now (not my favorite summer sport but worth it this year for sure!)

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