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August 29, 2008



I know where I'm going on Monday....Chick-fil-a! I wonder what they will think of my Redskins bra? Just kidding. ;)


Your guess is as good as mine as to the spelling. I would have spelled it "sour soup"! I still have not found Real Lemon Lemon Juice. I have the meat, you bring the spinach and Real Lemon Juice and I will make you some sour soup. Love ya, Mom

noble pig

I like that Mc'D's sandwich, it ain't bad.


I am very glad to have you stopped by my place and left a comment. Also very nice to know your blog. Looks like a very fun place, being updated many interesting events and good foods. YEAH!!!


Sour soup sounds good! I am a lemon juice queen. (Which BTW, Costco has the real lemon/lemon juice in the Costco size bottle, in the spices section. ;-) Buy mom a LARGE supply so you can have lotsa soup. I think I need more details on the recipe...soup with pork, lemon juice AND rice? Gotta be good.


Mmm, southern chicken.

I went to McDonalds the other night (the first time in YEARS) to try their new coffee drinks. WELL, they stop serving them at 10 pm. It pissed me off because I really wanted coffee. And it was only a little bit after 10.


Sour soup is "sinigang" in Filipino. We use kalamansi, akin to key limes. With pork it's "sinigang na baboy" or "pork siningang" but we use tamarind (sampalok) fruit when it's siningang using meats, or tamarind leaves with chicken. Other milder fruits (kamias, batwan, kalamansi, even just tomatoes - sorry I don't know the English terms for the the first two) are used with fish - fish sinigang.

Mrs. L

Jeanette - well, they didn't put any restrictions on what items of clothing that I could see!

Mom - I'll look for the lemon juice.

Noble Pig - It's not bad at all. I've gotten it several times.

Van - You have a great blog too.

Kathie - Thanks for the tip on getting the lemon juice at Costco, I'll have to check it out for my mom.

Emeline - Now wouldn't folks trying to stay awake want coffee after 10 PM? Weird

Kai - Oh thank you for the update and spelling. I really do have to make some soon.

b pasion-perez

i too grew up eating sinigang, and have not learned how to make it for myself. i've been told that there is sinigang mix, but sounds awful, as my mom always made it from scratch. i've been craving it for a while, and would love it if someone would email me the recipe. pasion.perez@gmail.com puuuuh-leeeeeease! i've been told that the recipe differs from family to family, but anything to go on would be great! thanks so much.

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