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August 25, 2008


noble pig

OMH I loved the zoo, it was so fun! I miss that.

Chris Lemon

Farrell's. Ferrell was the bad seed with the bad attitude he'sunbelievableyagottalovehim. :)

Chris Lemon

Actually, wait, no, that was Ferrall. We both suck. I will not be receiving my 79-ouncer. :)


Oh, banana split. I never had their ice cream. I always chose the flavors I wanted and definitely no cherry. Yuk! I picked Pralines and Cream, French Vanilla and Rocky Road. Try that sometime.


I miss Ferrell's ice cream. They had on when I was a kid in AZ. Then it went away. :(


All ice cream houses in the Phils serve banana splits, and it was the ultimate dessert treat when eating out when I was a kid. I never cared much for it, but the husband still orders a serving whenever he feels festive.

NotSoccer Mom

never got into banana splits. but i do occasionally order sundaes! or floats.
we went to ferrell's for my 11th birthday. i told my parents i didn't want them to make a big deal about it or announce it or anything. but they made me stand on the chair and i about died of embarrassment. i was so angry!


Oh - I think Luis loved the Banana Splits when he was growing up!


Oh wait, it was yesterday.

evil chef mom

tra la la... thanks for getting that song stuck in my head and also... uh oh chongo!

Mrs. L

Noble Pig - We went several times for "the zoo" when I was a kid for my birthday...me and many of my friends cuz that thing was HUGE!

Chris - You crack me up and yes, I know who you speak of!

Mom - I'm just not one to "mix" ice cream flavors anymore so I usually just stick to one.

Peabody - There used to be quite a few in this area but they are all long gone. I miss having a "soda parlor" type thing.

Kai - See, you were just like me, getting them as a kid but not as an adult.

NotSoccerMom - Heck the whole point of going to Ferralls was to be noticed :)

Lara - Make him sing the theme song!

Emeline - Then you need to order two banana splits to make up for it-giggle.

Evil Chef Mom - argh, now it's stuck in my head again....

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