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August 12, 2008



Thank you Mr. and Mrs. L. That was a better birthday than eating out in a crowded and noisy place. That cake from now on is my cake every year. Talk about delish. I'm still thinking about it. Thank you for my birthday celebration and I can hardly wait for Mr. L to hook up my full bells and whistle showerhead. Thank you both.

Mrs. L

Mom - Trust me, we really like the place and will probably order pizza there more often than not. If they have that cake, you know we'll buy you a slice (us too!)


Yeah, it is hard for me to get hooked on Summer Olympics. It's in the background but I'm doing other things while it is on.


Oh man! We have been totally hooked too! I just can't have it off! More men's swimming tonight! Happy Late birthday Aunt R! I never know anyones birthday, I am totally horrible at that!

noble pig

We are loving the Olympics, my boys can't seem to get enough!


Happy birthday to your Mom! Mabuhay!


i hadn't watched a single event until i heard about the men's relay win. i hunted the video clip down on the internet and now i can't stop watching!
oh, and a very happy belated birthday to your mamster! :)


Boy scout badges - you are brilliant! What a great idea.

Happy birthday to your mom!

NotSoccer Mom

happy birthday to your mom! i like that cat herding badge...


oh, happy belated birthday to your mom!
i'm watching olympics too, whenever i have the time!


I know! I'm so getting into the Olympics right now. I watched women's gymnastics last night. Oh, and swimming. I love Michael Phelps.

Happy Birthday Mom!


Thank you one and all for your birthday wishes. It was very much appreciated. At 74 birthday wishes are always welcome. And Kai thank you for the Mabuhay! Thanks again, Mrs. L's Mom.


despite what anyone might say, it's all tape delayed on the east coast too.

i want to watch the olympics, but it's so chock full of commercials that i can't bear it.

evil chef mom

i'm glad i'm not the only one who is sucked in by the olympics for the next 17 days.

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