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August 10, 2008


noble pig

My friend has been living in China for several months now, he emailed me when he got mixed up with the Chinese characters and ordered dog...didn't realize it till it was over. ACK!


Awww! I am gagging right now! My sister and brother in law have lived in China and they have stories about some of the things they have eaten.


Oh my, and the quotes in there ... "That's not going down very well" and "That one's going down OK." Pretty funny stuff!

Chris Lemon

Hon, sorry to say it, but solely by virtue of plugging me, you're gonna have some very strange folks coming to look at your blog. ;)

For convenience, by the way, here's the permalink to the post in question:



that's just nasty.

Mrs. L

Noble Pig - I'm sure some of this stuff doesn't taste bad, that being said, I am NOT Anthony Bourdain and would have a real tough time trying this stuff.

Lisa - Tell the stories, we want to hear!

Louise - Honestly? My favorite line was when they mentioned certain colored ones were bigger :)

Chris - Hey, it had to be posted, such a great little video. So little info about food at the games!

ChefBarbie - giggle, yeah, not for everyone!

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