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August 04, 2008


noble pig

Oh yummy...love the whole taco salad thing! Yahoo.


This sounds like my kind of salad! And anything that keeps me from using any heat is definitely a plus!


Looks good Mrs. L. You can fix that for me anytime!


I am making this tonight, although it's not really hot here today. :) I also LOVE Cooking Light magazine. I've been a subscriber for years.


i'm seriously loving this. and the hotter the dressing, the better. hmm. isn't it odd that i hate hot temperatures but love hot food? anyway, thanks for sending this my way! :)


The photo looks delish as well as the recipe. We love the rotisserie chickens from Costco as well. It's refreshing to use it for other things like salad. Never thought about it till now!



Mrs. L

I do hope you guys try this and like it. Sooo simple and yes Jeanette, those Costco chickens are awesome! (and much cheaper than Safeway or Lucky's).

Nazarina Andrychow

Thank you for informing us all about the Costco chickens. This is all the more reason to buy a membership from the gal in the mall close to my house. I was contemplating whether to buy one. Your no cook salad looks very yummy which is perfect for this weather. I wish it was ski season already!

P/s you had me at chipotle!

Mrs. L

Nazarina - The Costco chickens are a bargain. If you go to a local grocery store around here, you'll pay several dollars more for a chicken twice as small as the Costco ones! They all have "added water" but honestly, we think the Costco ones are tastier and less dry than the grocery store ones.

And Costco memberships can be dangerous, we never seem to be able to just go in and get out of there without a cartload of stuff!


This taco salad looks so tasty!

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