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July 27, 2008



That looks good. Reminds me of the ones your grandma W made. I cooked them that way too!

noble pig

So simple but absolutely garlic. I think I'm a zucchini ho too! He-he.


i love zucchini with onions and garlic. your's looks wonderful. i can almost smell it through that picture.

my mom used to make what she called "italian style zucchini". it was pretty close to this only at the end she would add in tomatoes and some oregano. that brings back memories. :)


i keep reading about the oodles of zucchinis coming out of people's gardens. that's great for them, but all my plants died. i'd be willing to buy some zukes to make this--it sounds great.


Oh, this looks so good! AND this is something that Willy can eat...printing this out so HE can make it :)


Hi Mrs L:

This looks really good! Thanks so much for participating in WCC this month :)

The roundup is now up!

Judy (Judy's Gross Eats)

Sounds delicious, and I love zucchini with onions. I will definitely give it a try. What size pan did you use, by the way? Perhaps the zucchini steamed rather than sauteed and the pan size would affect that.

Mrs. L

Mom - I don't remember grandmas zucchini :(

Noble Pig - we so need to ho around the food, WAHAHAHAHA.

Chefbarbie - Glad to know that this brought back memories and that it's actually Italian...someones you never know with these cookbooks.

Grace - I'm so sorry your zucchini plants went to vegetable heaven. I know no one who has a backyard garden in my area so I never get zucchini left on my doorstep.

Rebecca -You go girl! Let me know how Willy's turns out.

Michelle - Love the round up, some good stuff in there.

Judy - I used a 12" fry pan to cook those zukes! I've never had problems getting brown flecks before so I'm assuming to much oil or onions on that one. I should post a photo of the finished dish so folks can see the wonderful color I didn't come up with!


Our market is a mix - some vendors don't talk, and some you can't get to stop! Thanks for taking part in WCC, this dish looks amazing. Zucchini and garlic are so great.


I can't wait to try this recipe. What a great combo of flavors!

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