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July 18, 2008



"Lovely Easy Caramelle with Ricotta, Basil and Black Olives" um... umless jamies idea of caramelle is different than mine, i think i might have to pass on this because i can't think of any three ingredients i would rather not have together than caramelle, basil and black olives.

Mrs. L

Jamie says that "Caramelle" means sweetie in Italian and that it in this recipe it's "sweetie-shaped pasta". I had to look it up and found a blog which shows you how to make the little candy shaped pasta.


Oh Jamie, my hero. Jamie on Food Network Saturday mornings is the best reason to get up "early" on the weekend. He makes it so real, and well, yeah.


I also got this for Christmas this past year from my hubbie. I have not cooked anything from it. I just got Nigella Lawson's new one off my shelf and decided I needed to start trying some new things. I will be keeping my eyes open for your recommendations from Jamie's book.

Mrs. L

Louise - I really liked Jamies first cooking show. Haven't followed the last several very regularly.

Illona - I have one of Nigellas books that I've never cooked from! I need to get it out and try something.

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