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July 24, 2008



My goodness that sure looks good.


The TJ's crab is pretty good. I like the kind I get from Costco as well. I do love crab and avocado together.


Wowzers! That looks simply delicious! If Mr L is ever out of town and you are in need of a taste tester, let me know.


Looks delicious... and pretty easy too. I love the combo seafood and avocado. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by at my blog :)


could i get it without the crab? you know i am allergic to shellfish. :(


Oooh, that looks delicious! This includes two of my favorite foods -- crab and avocado! Oh who am I kidding, I love all the ingredients! YUM! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Now I need to go find some crab ....


Oh my goodness, since I have just newly discovered teh wodnerfulness of Avacado, this looks SOOO good! and easy!


why is it that i'm immediately smitten with any dish containing avocado? i don't even like crab, but now i'm craving this. ah, the power of avocado. :)


Ooooh! Looks good and I have a can of TJ's in the fridge. I could also use a week of South Beach after coming home from vacation!


o does that ever look scrumptious!! i am craving crab and shrimp right now -- or just anything with good seasoning, LOL

Mrs. L

Peabody - We've also used the Costco crab and found it works great in crab dishes like this.

Barbie - I'm sure this would work with chicken! (actually shrimp too but I know you can't eat that either).

Lauri Hersh

Finally, been looking for an avocado recipe that doesn't involve the word guacomole. A great combination I must say. The red and green combination looks appetizing, and I think that this would be suited for the diet that I'm undergoing right now.

Andrea Chopra

Wow, that looks so good! I love crab meat, and I love avocados. It's my favorite fruit. Avocados are true wonder fruits because they contain more vitamins and minerals than any other fruits combined. It gives the needed energy boost our body needs everyday. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

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