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July 18, 2008



Oh how I hate cookbooks like that. Cook until done. Cook until ready. Ummmm how do I know?

noble pig

I am laughing about the food blogger voice. I have it too! Hilarious.


... but there was cheese. Doesn't that always make everything alright? At least you were brave and gave it a go. Back to the steak cookbook now?!


I love peas. I love peas. I love love peas & parmesan. Yum. :)


EWWWWW!! Peas are YUCKY! I think I got that from Grandma? or that is what Dad tells me...but those actually look kinda good, so props for making peas look edible! LOL


I love fresh peas. They have the best peas at the produce stands that spreckle the highway along Half Moon Bay. Yum...I also love eating frozen peas straight from the freezer.


a little extra butter and cheese can never hurt. :)
i'm lucky because my grandparents always grow peas in their garden. i love em. (my standard for perfectly-boiled peas is that they're able to easily pierced with a fork tine.)


This sounds and looks sooo tasty! Cookbooks like that are certainly not my favorites either, to put it mildly :)


I must admit I'm quite often guilty of saying "cook until done".

I'm not the biggest fan of peas, but anything with that much parmesan and butter can't be a bad thing. I think claggy is referring to clag glue, a type of kid's craft glue we have here in Australia and they probably have in the UK. When it sets it's gummy and can kind of resemble melted cheese that has separated and clumped together. Not great.

NotSoccer Mom

not a big fan of the pea... unless they're the english pea in the pod that you eat raw. hey, did you know today is national junk food day?

Mrs. L

Tim - Thanks for clearing up the "claggy" bit... I figured it wasn't exactly something food for peas and cheese!

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