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May 22, 2008



i heart wil!


I am a geek but the only Sci Fi I like is Star Wars. I did not like Jar Jar but I did like Hayden as Darth.


hurley!! that alone would've made my month! :)


Yeah, that is so cool that you met Hurley. But Yay for you getting to meet Wil! I know you really, really "admire" him...hehehe. I hope you got a picture!


You had me at the Tom Servo & Crow picture. :) I actually went to a MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) convention back in the day. I am an ubernerd, although my love lies more with Star Wars than Star Trek (I do enjoy Star Trek though, I'm not a hater). :)


You met Hurley?! Did you get a picture? He's so funny! And did you get a photo with WW?


How cool to meet the big names!

noble pig

It sounds like a blast!

Mrs. L

I did meet Hurley. I got an autograph on one of his photos, I didn't take a photo with Hurley (or Jorge) because it would have been another $25!

There will be a post about Wil (grin). I did get my photo taken with him but won't put that one on the blog!

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