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May 10, 2008



Tacos. And plenty of 'em.

NotSoccer Mom

heh. my favorite hangover food is taco bell. well, i should say WAS because i don't drink enough any more to get hangovers. :)

happy birthday tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!


a couple things:
-is today your birthday? if so, a dang good happy birthday to ya!
-sorry you've been plagued by sickness! the only way i get through that sort of thing is by eating whatever i want--it sort of balances out the misery. and i'll go ahead and admit it--i'm the whiniest of all whiny sicklings. :)


Happy Birthday! I'm so sorry that you had to cancel your plans. It really sucks being that sick!


I love the idea of sickbed food. Mine was always chicken noodle soup, but when I reached my 40s, I've found that sticky rice is now my choice. I am going to try the Country Crock Potatoes though...sick or not sick. :)

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