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April 19, 2008


noble pig

The pink one's were always my favorite. I would eat them all and leave the white's. This annoyed my mother to no degree.


i'm not ashamed to admit that i still eat animal crackers. i also still sort them like you--broken ones first and favorite animal last. that's kinda morbid. anyway, i've never seen a koala in all my years of animal-cracker-eating, so i have my doubts that they exist. i'll be on the lookout.


i love these cookies.


I made a homemade version of those on my blog a long while back. http://www.culinaryconcoctionsbypeabody.com/2006/09/14/childs-play/
Oh...and 3 for me. Now it gets interesting, eh?


My favorite cookie =) I could eat an entire bag of Circus animals =) Maybe I will take some to my next scrapping event!

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