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April 08, 2008



As you are well aware of I am sure, I have to hate you for the next week and a half and I wish the Sharks no luck. ;P
GO FLAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gooooooooooooo SHARKS! Lucky number 16! I will be glued to the TV! My blood is also teal. Love my SHARKS!


of course there's nothing wrong with being obsessed with food!
is there a line that could be crossed? yes.
am i often teetering on the edge of crossing it? perhaps. but until i do, there's nothing wrong with a little food obsession! :)


Why is there no hockey on my TV? For us, it has been 100% basketball. Is there life beyond basketball? - by a basketball widow

Mrs. L

Peabody - Yes, we are on opposite sides until this round is over. Did I mention with our old coach, captain and goalie it's like playing ourselves???

Mom - I'll pick you up something from tonights game.

Grace - Food is good and I teeter on that line too!

Louise - Giggle, ah yes, I remember well your husbands basketball obsession...Grab that remote and demand a Sharks playoff game!


Pens start the playoffs tonight too. I am so beyond excited. I wish your Sharks luck!

Mrs. L

Opps, Peabody I meant old coach who is now the GM! Sorry, excited for tonights game!!


Wow! You weren't kidding. Your month DID get off to a crazy start. I hope your tendonitis is better, and that you don't get any more migranes for a long, long time. I get those too, and they suck.


Go sharks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you had a good scrapping retreat in Sonora. Hope you can make BB again too! And yes, there is nothing wrong w/ being obsessed with food! It's not like we could give it up entirely and just take a pill! What fun would there be in that?? :)

NotSoccer Mom

i'm still waiting to see some pix of the 3-day scrap!

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