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April 17, 2008



I am so going to make this! I got 2 avocadoes for $2 and I'm tired of guacamole. (plus we're out of chips) ;) YUM!


your first four sentences could've come straight from my own lips. i've even tried salmon doused in a chile and cilantro sauce (two of my favorite flavors), but no. i just couldn't make myself enjoy it. kudos to you for breaking through! :)


I used to hate fish when I was younger. Sometime in the last year or two I have developed a taste for it and salmon is one of my favourites. Yum!

Mrs. L

Ann - Let me know how it comes out.

Grace - Giggle, we are so alike.

Jan - I think even if you really didn't like salmon or were just so so on the fish, you'd like it with this sauce.


Salmon can be rich, as far as seafood goes, good to know the fat in the fish and the avocado don't conflict. The sauce would be good on other fish, since there's probably not going to be a local wild salmon season.

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