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April 10, 2008



I am so with you about Rachael Ray and Emeril. There was a time when I watched Emeril every chance I got but now I can't sit through his show.


While I have actually used very, very few of her recipes, I do learn a lot while watching her: get out everything at once, heat the pan while you chop, chop once and use twice, ingredients can be swapped out without huge stress, use a garbage bowl, and just eye ball it. Reassuring lessons, all.


try as i might, i just can't find it in my heart to like this woman. she drives me absolutely crazy. that being said, i have found several of her recipes that almost rock my world. as long as i don't have to hear her or see her, i guess i'll be okay.

Mrs. L

Jan - So glad I'm not alone!

DBdiner - I admit that doing things ahead is a good idea and I do that as much as possible.

Grace - I like the look of a lot of her recipes, so I may be making more of them in the future!

stephany worthington

would like to speak with producers of show as cannot believe what a slob, lazy or diva RR has turned into.after watching 10/4/10 eve episode on foodnetwork and viewing FOR LAST TIME due to numerous wiping of work area to floor,burned foods in pans and slopping of foods in and out of pans.RR is also everywhere which is not good;NEVER watch RR show after few on debut;too diva and childish for my enjoyment.Chopping is not relaxing at the end of my day, nor is racing to get dinner on something to be enjoyed and now,recently, watching until now RR racing to get all pre-shopped,pre-cut and of course pre-planned on plate in 30-minutes;adds much stress to my already too stressed life.Won't be watching anymore RR,not entertaining anymore;maybe RR needs to take rest!

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